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22 June 2008 @ 01:07 pm
Fic: "Snuff" // Sky High  
Title: Snuff
Author: catalyst_roses
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slash.
Fandom: Sky High
Pairing: Warren/Will
Summary: Will was pretty sure he’d never been more scared in his life.
Notes: Different take on the "Save the Citizen" scene. Wheeee~

Will was pretty sure he’d never been more scared in his life.


The kicker was that he didn’t know why. Sure, okay, he knew it was because Warren was currently getting his (quite literal) flame snuffed out by an overweight upperclassman on speed. Or was his name Speed? Whatever.

So anyway, he knew why. But he didn’t know why it was frightening him so badly. He had actually started considering Warren as a future (homicidal) friend, but if that was the case, surely he’d be angry instead of scared. Flitting about like a sugar-high chickadee was something a girlfriend would do, right?

It took him little more than a second to firmly decide that he would never, never ever breach that topic again. Ever.

Then, obviously, there was the other problem at hand. The ‘citizen’ was getting closer and closer to its destruction. But who should -- could -- he save?

Warren was sinking to his knees now, clutching his throat and struggling to stay alive.

The citizen was nearing death by giant, whirling, spike-inlayed jaws of doom.

His heart said to go after Warren -- what was losing one game?

His mind said to go after the dummy -- what was losing one potential enemy who would likely burn his backside to a crisp after this anyway?

William Theodore Stronghold gulped. Hard.

His heart won out.


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